Omnijar Coffee

Innovating in the coffee realm

The Producer

The farm is the beginning of the story for coffee. The folk working on these often stunning locations are hard working and little heard about producers. They often have limited exposure to the trendy and bustling coffee houses that use their product.

Historically they would be paid a fraction of the true worth of the product, with no transparent or consistent method of evaluating how well their product has performed. They rarely hear from the consumers thousands of kilometers away who drink a carefully curated version of berry that has been grown in their soil.

We want to bring the farms closer to the consumers and the consumers closer to the farms so that there's a better and fairer understanding of the producers' role within the lifecycle of the venerable cup of coffee.


The Roaster

The roaster is the pinnacle of quality control in the lifecycle of the coffee product. They choose what to import, what methodology and chemistry is best for the product, and they ensure it arrives at the coffee house in the best condition to be brewed.

Roasters can experiment for weeks on a single coffee blend to find exactly where it sits within the flavor spectrum, and which method is best to brew. They then have to trust the coffee house to get the most from that product, respecting the knowledge and skill of the roaster from where the beans were sourced.

We want to ensure the roaster has a close working relationship with the farms, and the coffee houses, so they can clearly see how the beans develop along the chain. If they can fully understand how each and every cup of coffee is received, they can understand their contribution and how better to perfect their craft.


The Barista

Baristas are some of the most diverse individuals that form a singular role in the world. From doctors, through to students, the humble barista often takes a divergent attitude towards life because of their passion for the chemistry that is coffee preparation.

From pour-overs to espressos, and a little milk art thrown in, baristas will continue to look in depth at the detail to ensure they are pushing their art further and further. Continually in competition with others, and more-so themselves, baristas are striving to turn the art into science.

We believe baristas thrive on precise tools and reems of data. We want to give them the best foundation from which to perfect their craft so they can continue to be at the forefront of the consumption of coffee. Without baristas the traditional coffee house would be sterile and somber. We salute the baristas without ego, with passion and unboundless energy for the many variations of cups shapes and sizes that we consume daily.